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You Can Bank on Batman - Free Play Ruthrough

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Canister #1. (Story Mode) In the first street area, head to the left then to the alley in the back. Use the lever to find the pieces for a grappling point, then grapple up and use a lever on the ledge to open a gate at ground level

Canister #2. Same a #1, just past the lever to climb the ladder, and the canister is on the right.

Canister #3. The were 5 phone booths. One is near the #1 canister. One is near the demolition suit. One is near an explosive truck, One is beside the strength thingy. And one is near the boss.

Hostage: Inside a building, just break the window.

Canister #4. (Sonic Suit) Near the hostage, then sonicate it.

Canster #5. (Sonic Suit, Attract Suit) Find as many pieces and attract it, near the technology suit, sonicate the wall, then dump 25 pieces, then the canister will appear.

Canister #6. (Immune to Toxins, Mind Control) At the toxic pile, build the van and move it, Then you can access the canister by using the "?" sign.

Canister #7. (Super Strength) Toss the dumpsters and then explode the manhole.

Canister #8. (Super Strength) Toss the dumpsters after exploding a cement truck. Grapple up and then on the tightrope, And then explode the window.

Canister #9. (Super Strength) Near phone booth #4, there was one dumpster wall and then toss it.

Canister #10 (Immune to Toxins, Mind Control) After technology, drive with the car across the toxic pile. And then use the "?" to open the first garage door, And then repeat with the next car. And then the canister will appear.

Power Prick: (Story Mode) At the last part of the Clayface fight, destroy the cabinets, thats all you got. And then the brick will appear.

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