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This is the Villain's Super-Secret Workshop! Here you can find out how to make the most out of Evil Villains, and also view custom Villains you can make with different parts. But don't tell anyone!

Catman (Catwoman's Partner In Crime)[edit]

This is how to create Catman, a partner of Catwoman, and he is always equipped with Guns. This is a custom character, and has the Grapple Ability.

Head: Bruce Wayne (Batman)[edit]

Body: Plain Black[edit]

Cape: Purple[edit]

Arms: Purple[edit]

Hands: Black[edit]

Waist: Black[edit]

Legs: Black[edit]

Weapon: Pistol[edit]

Mask: Catwoman[edit]


Catman has the ability to Grapple, which is what all of the Bat Family can do. He has access to any Vehicle, even Batman's Batmobile. He can do this because of a very HiTech Cloning Module in his Chest, which lets him use any Vehicle in the Game. Catman, at some Points, can be changed into a fighter for good. To change him, Just change his Arms to Black.