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Bruce Wayne[edit]

After his parents were murdered by a criminal, Bruce Wayne vowed to fight crime and avenge their deaths. He became Batman, and started his war against crime. Bruce Wayne is the owner of Wayne Manor, an estate that is the Wayne Family home. Underneath it, is a maze of Limestone Caverns. This is where Bruce Wayne made his base of operations, the Batcave. Batman will not rest until he has defeated crime for good!

Alfred Pennyworth[edit]

Alfred is Bruce Wayne's butler. He Virtually adopted the young Bruce Wayne after the Deaths of Bruce's Parents. Although not Blood Relatives, Alfred and Bruce are always family. Alfred used to be an agent, and he is trained in Espionage. He will do everything for his master, and is better with his Tea Tray and Tea Cups rather than his hands! He was the first to know that Bruce Wayne was to become Batman, as the whole 'Hero' idea was made by Alfred.

Dick Grayson[edit]

Dick Grayson had a similarity to Bruce Wayne, his Circus Aerobatic Parents were murdered by a Mafia Mob. With no parents, Dick Grayson was adopted by Bruce Wayne, and he learnt that Bruce Wayne was Batman, and aided him as Robin. Grayson and Batman were an unbeatable pair. Grayson had an argument with Batman, and then left and quit being Robin. He would eventually talk to Superman, who told Grayson about a Hero back on his planet Krypton called Nightwing. Grayson then became Nightwing, Protector of Bludhaven and New York.

Barbara Gordon[edit]

Barbara Gordon is the adopted daughter of Comissioner James Gordon. She admired Batman, and tried to become a hero like Batman. But her Father denied it. She then found out that Killer Moth kidnapped Bruce Wayne. She became the costumed Batgirl and defeated Killer Moth. Bruce told Batgirl that he was Batman, and the two have fought against Evil many times.

Comissioner James Gordon[edit]

Comissioner James Gordon is the chief of the GCPD, and is a friend of Batman. He is the one who would normally signal the Bat Signal. He is also the Father of Batgirl. He helped Batman fight against The Joker, and Batman returned the favor when he saved him from Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Harvey Dent[edit]

Harvey Dent used to be Gotham's youngest District Attorney. He was nicknamed 'Apollo' for his good lucks, and possessed a 2 Headed Coin. He was horribly Disfigured on one side of his face by fire, and became Two- Face. Batman has never ceased to return his former friend back to a Hero.