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The name isn't really Suitmaker, it's The Raven. Im one of Batman's Allies, but I sometimes show my Darker side and take part in small crimes, sometimes I get too obsessive with Villainous Crimes that I do something really stupid and end up in Arkham Asylum! But no worries, I mainly work with Batman. They sometimes call me 'The Suitmaker' because I create new suits for the Villains and Heroes, I normally head out of my cell when I'm at Arkham and get to the Experiment Room and create new suits for myself, and sometimes Batman and Robin. I do tend to make special Henchmen for the Villains. And I make Crime Fighters for Batman.

I've also got another name, 'The Cure Master'. I can cure the Villains who wish to become human again, Like sometimes, Mr. Freeze comes into the Experiment Room and asks if I could turn him back into a Human. I get people like The Penguin in my office, asking if I could make them taller. I once actually cured Two-Face. He was so happy, that he got a little Over excited and scarred his face again.

Anyway, I'll update some

File:Scarecrow 400-1-.jpg
How could I help Crane get back to normal?

Articles, and probably put some more on when I've got the time. I'm a very busy Minifig!

The Workshop[edit]

I get lots of orders from the Villains and Heroes, and I record all the stuff I make in this Workshop File. There's also some recipies that you can use to create your own Villain/Hero!

Use this for the Villains

Use this for the Heroes

Online Gotham City[edit]

Take control of anyone, Batman, The Joker, even your own Customized Character, as you fight Crime on the Streets of Gotham City, or even make the Crimes! You'll get Missions to do every few days. They're located in either the Batcave or Arkham Asylum, in the Crime Fighter/Crime Boss section. So get fighting Crime (Or Make it!)

Enter Gotham Online!


Find out everything about your favourite Heroes or Villains, find out some secrets, and more

Log into the Batcomputer


The BatCreator is where you'll find the best Custom Characters ever. There are some like The Joker's Bodyguard, The Riddler's Puzzle Goon, even The Penguin's Aqua Bodyguard. Plus, there is also Exclusives that are based on Characters not even availiable on the game, like the robotized Drone, and Hush's Bodyguard.

Coming soon.

The Ultimate Character Creator[edit]

This is the Creator where the BEST of THE BEST custom characters are listed, you might want to even use them. Ive made every one of them and they're great at everything! I recently made my Vintage Series, that contains Batman, Robin, Batgirl, The Joker, Red Hood, Nightwing and Harvey Dent, they were so good, I had a hard time deleting them! But there are lots of different Series of Characters. They are:

  • Vintage Series
  • Batman Begins
  • Justice Leage of Gotham City
  • Protectors of Democracy
  • Batman Forever
  • The League of Evil
  • Shadow of Fear
  • Hunt of the Bat
  • The Dark Knight
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Gotham 10 Years On
  • The Bat Millenium

So, you might want to Check them all for the greatest Combinations!

Launch the Creator

The Ancestors of Batman[edit]

Long ago, way before Batman's time. Gotham was actually a large City not full of crime, but full of people who wished to rule over mankind. They were part of the organization called the 'League of Light', an organization that dates back to the 15th Century. And there weren't a lot of superheroes, there was only one person that could stop the League of Light, whose name is long forgotten. But he is known as The Assassin. He wasn't evil, he did kill though. He kept peace by taking the life from people who wished to wipe out Mankind and make the world their own. This is a list of all the Characters from my newest series, Gotham 1508. That includes famous characters, like Richard the Lionheart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pope Alexander VI, and even some that vanished from history, like Emilio Barbariago, Pallasi Emilion, and The Assassin himself.

You can also view a whole story of one of The Assassin's greatest victories. The Assassin's a Prophet. It also has a list of characters that are featured in the story at the end. This is to show you that there was not just crime out there...

The Characters

The Story

File:100px-Bruce Wayne.jpg
His ancestor was an ASSASSIN?