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Hi I'm Blogofanclub, and I love the game Lego Batman (Only on DS) and am delighted to be part of this site. I'm also a Lego Stop-Motion Director! (Watch my films now!) When I saw this page I knew it was going to be pretty good! Well on my game, I have collected a lot of characters and minigames. I have finished every Level! But still working on getting the villain characters from the minigames!

Well here are the List of the Characters that I own! (As you can see I have all of them, and in order of the List on Free Play)

* Batman

* Robin

* Batgirl

* Nightwing

* Alfred

* Clayface

* Mr.Freeze

* Poison Ivy

* The Riddler

* Two-Face

* Bane

* Killer Croc

* The Penguin

* Catwoman

* Mad Hatter

* Scarecrow

* Harley Quinn

* The Joker

* Batman (Classic)

* Bruce Wayne

* Tim Drake

* Barbara Gordon

* Dick Grayson

* Commissioner Gordon

* Lucius Fox

* Harvey Bullock

* Dr. Jeremiah Arkham

* Riddler Goon

* Riddler Bodyguard

* Two-Face Goon

* Two-Face Bodyguard

* Freeze Goon

* Freeze Bodyguard

* Ivy Goon

* Penguin Goon

* Penguin Bodyguard

* Joker Goon

* Joker Bodyguard

* Goon

* Bodyguard

* Policeman

* Policeman (Sergeant)

* Policeman (Mind-Controlled)

* Policewoman

* Security Guard

* Security Guard (Officer)


* SWAT (Officer)

* Harvey Dent

* Poison Ivy (Alternate)

* Pamela Isley

* The Riddler (Suit)

* Catwoman (Classic)

* Selina Kyle

* Profressor Johathan Crane

* Dr. Harleen Quinzel

* Talia

* Azrael

* Huntress

* Killer Moth (Alternate)

* Killer Moth

* Man-Bat

* Dr. Hugo Strange

* Mr. Zsasz

* Black Mask

* Firefly

* Ventriloquist and Scarface

* Ra's Al Ghul

* Hush

* The Joker (Tropical)

Here are the List of Characters in the Store

Alfred Bought
Two-Face Goon Bought
Policeman Bought
Mr. Freeze Bought
Freeze Bodyguard Bought
Poison Ivy Bought
Pamela Isley Bought
Poison Ivy (Alternate) Bought
The Riddler Bought
Two-Face Bought
Two-Face Bodyguard Bought
The Riddler (Suit) Bought
Bane Bought
Catwoman (Classic) Bought
Catwoman Bought
Bruce Wayne Bought
Goon Bought
Bodyguard Bought
Harvey Bullock Bought
The Joker Bought
Harley Quinn Bought
Batman (Classic) Bought
Batgirl Bought
Barbara Gordon Bought
Nightwing Bought
Dick Grayson Bought
Lucius Fox Bought
Dr. Jeremiah Arkham Bought



Killer Moth (Alternate)


Killer Moth




Dr. Hugo Strange Bought
Mr. Zsasz Bought
Black Mask Bought
Firefly Bought
Ventriloquist and Scarface Bought
Ra's Al Ghul Bought
Hush Bought
The Joker (Tropical) Bought
Huntress Bought
Azrael Bought