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Map of Camp Half-Blood

About me[edit]

Sup? I'm Bard Eric. I sometimes play lego batman the video game. I also edit the Percy Jackson Wiki, the Percy Jackson & the Olympians Wiki, the Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki, the Batman Wiki, the Lego Star Wars Wiki, both of the X-Men Wikis, the Indiana Jones Wiki, the Avatar Wiki, the Lord of the Rings Wiki, the Wookiepedia ( AKA the Star Wars Wiki), the Star Trek Wiki, the Harry Potter Wiki, the Redwall Wiki, the Villains Wiki, both of the Transformers Wikis, the Lemony Snicket Wiki, the WOWWiki ( AKA the World of Warcraft Wiki), the Superman Wiki, the Runescape Wiki, the Squire's Tale Wiki, the Septimus Heap Wiki, the A Sieries of Unfortunate Events Wiki, the Spider-man Wiki, the Vampirates Wiki, the Lego Indiana Jones Wiki, the Secrets of Droon Wiki, and the Lost Years of Merlin Wiki.

My favorite pages[edit]