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Two-Face Chase

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The first vehicle-mission of the game! The objective is to pursue(and eventually destroy) Two-Face's Armored Truck.

You will begin as the Batmobile(Batman) or Batcycle(Robin) at a road. First thing first: the no.1 rule in this game is to destroy practically everything! Shoot at objects for studs- you'll easily make Super Hero this way. Additionally, you can get 6 out of 10 LEGO Canisters in Story Mode by just blasting every LEGO around you. The 6 canisters are in all 3 areas of the level, hid in LEGOs like telephone booths or building platforms. Good luck.

Got it? Then it's game time. Out of all the enemies, you'll find an elite of them, the Riddler Goon Truck. Gun it down and tow it(special key) to a spotlight for a police chopper to tow it away for good. Watch out- those elite trucks are different. Instead of ordinary bullets, they fire bombs.

The police truck barricade at the right will be released, giving you access to phase two- 3 Riddler Goon Trucks, in different directions. Tow them to the spotlight, same style- and don't forget to shoot everything!

[Free Play]In the middle of the frenzy, there will be a passage leading to a lower road, around the docks. There will be two panels, one resembling The Joker and the other resembling Harley Quinn, next to giant cranes. Drive The Joker's Van over the Joker Panel, and the crane will drop its load, giving you a LEGO Canister. Same way for the Harley Panel. Use Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck for that operation.

Anyway, when you are finished, more barricades will be lifted for you to enter the Boss Battle Arena. You do the same with Two-Face's Armored Truck the same way. Watch out for the bomb cars it loads out- they're deadly. the spotlight will be at the right end. Note that unlike the previous trucks, Two-Face's will not be towed away so easily. If you leave it for too long, it will eventually break free of your grapple hook. Repeat this process twice more, and when you're finished the police chopper will bomb it.

Additionally you can go up the stairs to the point where you can blast some bricks to get the Red Power Brick.

[Free Play]There are two places covered by fences in the arena. Have Two-Face goad bombs to smash them, and break the bricks inside for two more LEGO Canisters.

Level Two-Face Chase
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Two-Face's Armored Truck

Riddler Goon Car

Riddler Goon Truck

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