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Red Hood
Real Name: Jason Todd
Side: Neutral
Allies: None
No. Of LEGO sets: No information

Red Hood is a neutral vigilante who was orginally the second Robin. After he was caught stealing the wheels off the Batmobile, young Jason Todd was brought in by Bruce Wayne in an attempt to end his life of crime. Jason became the next Robin and replaced Dick Grayson. Yet, Jason was getting more and more violent until he was kidnapped and killed by the Joker. Jason was some how brought back and became the Red Hood.

In LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes[edit]

Even though having no effect on the plot, Red Hood is found in the first room of the mission Brawl at City Hall on the DS version only. He cost 200,000 studs.

Equipment and Abilities[edit]

As being the former Robin, Red Hood is trained in acrobotics and martial arts. In the game, like all Robins, he can hack, is an acrobat, and can use a grapple gun. But, unlike any one else in the Batfamily, uses two pistols and can throw a sticky explosive capsule.

Physical Appearance[edit]

He wears a Red helmet with two black ovals with white spot on each side, acting as eyeholes. He wears a brown leather jacket which is unbuttoned, revealing a grey shirt underneath and black belt. He also wears black jeans and black gloves.

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