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Power-Crazed Penguin

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Power-Crazed Penguin is the second chapter in Lego Batman: The Videogame wherein the Penguin plans to take over Gotham City with Penguin-Helpers.

Hero chapters[edit]

Level #1- Gotham Docks Boss: Bane

Chapter 2- The Rooftops Boss: Catwoman.

Chapter 3- Under the City Boss: Killer Croc

Chapter 4- Zoo's Company Boss: Man-Bat

Chapter 5- Penguin's Lair Boss: The Penguin

Villain chapters[edit]

Chapter 1- Rocking the Docks Boss:N/A

Chapter 2- Stealing the Show Boss: Police Helicopter

Chapter 3- Haboring a Grudge Boss: Police Tug Boat

Chapter 4- A Daring Rescue

Chapter 5- Artic World Boss: N/A

DS Version[edit]

The Second Chapter of the videogame on the DS.The Penguin makes a Transmitter to make robot penguins take over Gotham Streets.Villians are The Penguin,Catwoman,Killer Croc, and Bane.

Gotham Docks Bane
The Rooftops Catwoman
Batboat Chase The Penguin and Killer Croc
The Sewers Killer Croc
Arctic World The Penguin
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