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On the Rocks

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On the Rocks
Players Riddler
Mr. Freeze
Boss None
Story The Riddler's Revenge (Villain)
Previous Level The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal
Next Level Green Fingers


On the rocks is the second level for the villains in Riddler's revenge, in it Mr.freeze and The riddler sneak into the Ice Cream Factory to get a secret Freeze cannon hidden in the back.

Parking Lot: Clear out the area, then use Mr. Freeze (who has Super Strength)
to pull off the cover to the pipe in the back left. Float up and move to
the right. Note there are two red and white ice cream structures on the
wall. Drop down to each, smash them, and create a lever from the remains.
Pull both levers and enter the factory.

Processing Area: Pull out the crate in the wall using Mr. Freeze, then cross
over the ice slope using the railing above. Now, drop down onto the blue
platform in the red river. Hold down Z and Mr. Freeze will fire his Freeze
Cannon at the blue sparkly spot and freeze it. Cross all the way across,
then bring the Riddler along so he can Mind Control the guard up on the
next platform. Have the guard assemble the rotator switch and turn it to
fill the river. Now you can climb up to the other side. Smash an object
near the orange and blue structure on the back wall and assemble it, which
will then blow up so you can put a handle on the big door. Push it open
with Mr. Freeze.

Deep Freeze: Head to the left and place Mr. Freeze on the elevator platform.
Have Riddler Mind Control the guy in the ice block, bust the object and
assemble the lever so the block can go up. Push the block off the edge with
Mr. Freeze to break open a hole in the floor. Drop Mr. Freeze down and
cross the toxic waste. Pull the pipe to drop it so the Riddler can reach
the far right area. Climb up the ladder. Now, have the Riddler stand on
the valve and Mind Control the guy across the gap. Have that guy jump on
the other valve so the stairs unfold. Climb up and drop down the other
side. Break the object here and assemble the lever. Pull it to raise the
red liquid, then freeze it. Now, this last part as a "?" panel on the wall.
You may think this corresponds with the Riddler, but actually this area
works with anyone that has mind control abilities, Riddler included. Have
him press Z on the white circle and the hatch will open.

Cold Room: Take out all the cops and assemble the launcher in the middle of
the room to stop the fan. Use Mind Control on the cop on the upper ledge to
push the box off the ledge so you can assemble the ladder. Now, you have to
step on the buttons in a specific order. The order is blue, green, yellow,
and red.

At the end of the level Batman runs in and Freeze faces off against him alone. If you complete this level you get Mr.Freeze, Mr.Freeze's Kart and Mr.Freezes iceberg.

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