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Minikit List

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Minikit Canisters[edit]

Hero Levels[edit]

  • You Can Bank On Batman: Gold Batsuit
  • An Icy Reception: Ice Treat
  • Two-Face Chase: Batmobile
  • A Poisonous Appointment: Two-Face's Armored Truck
  • The Face-Off: The Gold Reserve
  • There She Goes Again: Robin's Watercraft
  • Batboat Battle: Batboat
  • Under The City: Killer Croc's Swamp Rider
  • Zoo's Company: Elephant
  • Penguin's Lair: Penguin Army
  • Joker's Home Turf: The Mad Hatter's Hat
  • Little Fun At The Big Top: Pinball Machine
  • Flight Of The Bat: Scarecrow's Biplane
  • In The Dark Knight: Clown Walker
  • To The Top Of The Tower: The Joker

Villain Levels[edit]

  • The Riddler Makes A Withdrawal: Clayface's House Of Gold
  • On The Rocks: Super Freeze Cannon
  • Green Fingers: Plant Minion
  • An Enterprising Theft: Bruce Wayne's Portrait
  • Breaking Blocks: Defense Robot
  • Rockin' The Docks: The Penguin's Submarine
  • Stealing The Show: Police Helicopter
  • Harbouring A Grudge: Police Boat
  • A Daring Rescue: Crocodile
  • Arctic World: Seal
  • A Surprise For The Commissioner: Harley Quinn's Monster Truck
  • Biplane Blast: Batwing
  • The Joker's Materpiece: Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil
  • The Lure Of The Night: Police Car
  • Dying Of Laughter: The Joker's Helicopter
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