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Real Name Dr. Kirk Langstorm
Powers Super Strength,Flight,Ability to Emitt Echolacation waves ,and pick Them up
Drive Cure his deafness
Appeared in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and LEGO Batman: The Videogame

Man-Bat (Dr. Kirk Langstorm) is a villain in LEGO Batman.

Character Background[edit]

Robert Kirk Langstrom was a scientist specializing in the biological study of mammals, especially bats. In an effort to cure his growing deafness, the scientist develops a formula intended to allow humans to be able to mimic the sonar that bats naturally possess. When he tries this formula on himself, however, he winds up transforming into a monstrous human/bat hybrid known as Man-Bat. Man-Bat gained super-human strength and the ability to fly. He can also use a bat's sonar ability to fly in pitch-black areas. However, this also maked him vulnerable to sonic weapons.

In Lego Batman: The Video Game[edit]

Upon being broken out of Arkham Asylum, Man-Bat joins forces with The Penguin, Bane, Catwoman, and Killer Croc. He is first seen roosting from the ceiling of Penguin's submarine. He is later seen placing a box of robotic penguins in Gotham City, which will be activated when the Penguin activates his satellite machine.

Once Penguin's machine is ready to be deployed, he stages Man-Bat as a guard inside the jungle exhibit at the Gotham Zoo, as it is the only way to get inside the Arctic exhibit, where the machine is hidden. Batman and Robin soon arrive and battle Man-Bat beneath the deck of a ship, where he attacks the Caped Crusaders by dropping bombs from the ceiling. He is eventually defeated when the Dynamic Duo stun him with a massive record player.

He is last seen inside his cell at Arkham, hanging from the ceiling and reading a newspaper.

Equipment and Abilities[edit]

In close combat, Man-Bat attacks opponents by slashing at them with the talons on his fingers. He also possesses super strength, thanks to the serum that transformed him into Man-Bat, allowing him to easily lift and pull heavy objects.

Using his wings, Man-Bat is also able to glide across gaps for short distances.


Man-Bat is a muscularly-built mix of man and bat, covered in brown hair with a pair of enormous wings growing out of his back. Massive, pointed ears sit at the top of his head, allowing him to hear the slightest of sounds.

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