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Jonathan Crane

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Professor Jonathan Crane was a scientist who excelled in phobias. He would later become the vicious phobia criminal, Scarecrow.

File:$(KGrHqEOKjEE0f2CblUFBN(05PCG5Q~~ 12.jpg
Jonathan Crane as Scarecrow with sickle.

Life before crime[edit]

Jonathan Crane's life was hard, he was a lanky boy who loved books. He was constantly taunted and bullied by his glasses, lanky frame, and lust for books.

As a young man, he got a job at Gotham University. The headmaster fired Crane for illegal experiments, and firing a gun in one of the classrooms.

Jonathan, in a rage, then walked over to the nearby costume shop and got ragged clothes and a wide-brimmed hat, like a scarecrow's. He then stitched his mouth up for extra fright. he then got a mask and doused it with phosphorus, a substance that glows in the dark. The scarecrow was complete.


Jonathan Crane as the Scarecrow was portrayed by Dave Wittenberg.

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