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Joker Goon

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A henchman of the Joker

Joker Goons are henchmen of The Joker. He usually has quite a lot of them present to assist him. They often appear in LEGO sets involving The Joker, and are usually fought in the video games as well. In LEGO Batman: The Video Game, they appeared in the levels of the third chapter of the hero levels where Harley Quinn and The Joker were fought. In LEGO Batman: 2 DC Super Heroes, they appeared at the beginning of the Gotham Theater level, throughout the Joker Getaway level, and alongside Lex Luthor's Goons in Ace Chemicals and all levels beyond.


The Joker Goons' appearance have varied throughout the series. In the sets, they wear basic purple shirts and sunglasses. In LEGO Batman: The Video Game, they wear face paint in the cut scene they appear in, but otherwise resume their purple shirt appearance from the sets. In LEGO Batman 2, they come in 2 varieties: the Joker Goon and Heavy Joker Goon. Standard Joker Goons now wear yellow shirts and clown face paint, while Heavy Joker Goons wear black bonnets, white and black striped shirts, black leather jackets and mime face paint.


In LEGO Batman: The Video Game, they use the method of fist fighting as enemies, and present guns every once in a while. As enemies in LEGO Batman 2, they do the same, but Heavy Joker Goons always fist fight. When used in Free Play, the regular goons can use basic guns in both games, and Heavy Joker Goons can as well.

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