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Dynamic Duo

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The Dynamic Duo is a nickname for Batman and Robin.They both have their own nicknames,Batman is known as the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight,while Robin is known as the Boy Wonder,but together they are known as the Dynamic Duo.In Lego Batman: The Video Game you control the Dynamic Duo through all 15 levels of hero mode.The Dynamic Duo's base is the Batcave,and it is the HUB for the heroes in Lego Batman: The Video Game.Both of the Dynamic Duo carry an unlimited supply of Batarangs which can be manually controlled to hit enemies or objects.They also can change into different suits in the game using the Suit Swapper to get past various areas.They face various enemies including the Penguin and Mad Hatter.They also use a variety of vehicles including the Batmobile,

the Batwing and the Batboat.You hop into one of the vehicles to bring up a level map for the chapter specified.The vehicles are also playable in the game.However, Robin in the game,is portrayed as being a very clumsy and dim-witted character, similar to Clayface.The Dynamic Duo are the protectors of Gotham City.

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