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Arctic World

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Arctic World
Players The Penguin
Boss Catwoman and Penguin
Story Power Crazed Penguin (Villain)
Previous Level A Daring Rescue
Next Level None

Arctic World is the final level of The Power Crazed Penguin. Threats are: Penguin Henchmen, water, and Catwoman (boss.) On Hero Story, you play as Batman and Robin. On Villain Story, it is The Penguin and Catwoman.

Artic World is the Fifth and Final level of Power Crazed Penguin in Villian Mode. The Penguin and Catwoman reach to Gotham City Zoo where they figure out that Batman and Robin are getting closer to stopping them and make Man-Bat the bodyguard in the jungle exhibit to get to the artic exhibit .They defeat the police, reach and finish the machine.

On the Nintendo D.S.[edit]

On the Nintendo D.S. version of LEGO Batman: The Videogame, the Ventriloquist and Scarface are found in Arctic World in Villian Hunt.

Villain Levels
The Riddler's Revenge The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal - On the Rocks - Green Fingers - An Enterprising Theft - Breaking Blocks
Power Crazed Penguin Rocking the Docks - Stealing the Show - Harboring a Grudge - A Daring Rescue - Arctic World
Joker's Return
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